BZFlag Server Plugins

Game Modes

Custom game modes.

All Hands On Deck

The All Hands On Deck game mode.

By allejoGitHub

Capture the Base

Prevents players from picking their own team flag up. Also it flag resets (unused) when a flag is captured.

By flying_popcorn


The "Dodgeball" game mode.

By allejoGitHub

Last Tank Standing

Game mode where the last tank standing wins the match.

By allejoGitHub


Custom flag or changes how a default flag works.

Extra Point Flags

Kills made with these flags count towards extra points. Includes hundredPoint, triplePoint, and doublePoint.

By I_Died_Once

Geno Once

Causes a player to drop a Genocide flag when they make a kill with it.

By L4m3r


Shooting with the Grenade flag generates a delayed detonation in front of you, where the detonation distance is controlled by your tank speed.

By Pac-Man

No Loss On SW

Players do not lose points on deaths from 'ShockWave' shot type.

By ZehraGitHub

Reverse Geno

Allows a player to genocide the other team by being shot.

By asinckGitHub

Risky Geno

A player who dies while holding Genocide will have his whole team obliterated.

By L4m3r

Safe Genocide

A Genocide-like flag without the mass killing.

By allejoGitHub

Team Flag Geno

Makes team flags behave like Genocide flags when held by a member of their respective teams.

By L4m3r

Useless Geno

Causes the Useless flag to act like Genocide.

By ZehraGitHub

Useless Mine

Allows players to place mines by grabbing the Useless flag.

By allejoGitHub


Changes how the game's mechanics work.

Auto Team Balance

Switches players to another team during gameplay without the need for a respawn or rejoin. Also allows for auto team balancing.

By allejoGitHub

Bounty Hunter

Rewards those bounty hunters who are always going after the players on a rampage.

By allejoGitHub

CTF Overseer

Oversees the fairness and features of CTF.

By allejoGitHub

Capture Bonus

Awards a static bonus to players who capture the flag.

By allejoGitHub


Save a player's spawn location when they reach checkpoints.

By allejoGitHub

Demilitarized Zones

Adds zones to maps where shots are rendered harmless.

By allejoGitHub

Flag Reset On Cap

Resets all the flags on the map when a flag is captured except for the team flags.

By allejoGitHub

Flag Thief

Takes the flag from the killer whenever they make a kill and have a score of 4 or above.

By ZehraGitHub

Mapped Death Zones

Introduces basic spawning logic based on where a player died.

By allejoGitHub

Shot Limit Zone

Allows you add shot limits to flags based on the location where they are picked up.

By allejoGitHub

Spawn At Base

Force players to spawn at a custom base object instead of their respective bases.

By allejoGitHub

Spawn Facing the Center

Modifies all spawns to face the dead center of the map (0, 0, z).

By L4m3r

Spawnkill Revenge

Discourages them by auto-killing the perpetrators of spawnkills.

By AgathaGitHub

Timed Flag On Spawn

Gives player a flag on spawn, but takes it away shortly after.

By allejoGitHub

Useless Rampage

Gives some use to the Useless flag where it will award as many points as your current killing spree.

By allejoGitHub


Useful for server admins.

Admin Listener

Forwards team chat and private messages between players to observer admins.

By macsformeGitHub


Disallows anyone with the /set permission to change certain variables.

By allejoGitHub

Muted Chat Helper

Allows muted players to send several pre-determined messages.

By macsformeGitHub

Persistent Mute

Persists mutes after a player rejoins.

By allejoGitHub

Player DB

The playerdb plugin interfaces with a web API to store and query player join information.

By blastGitHubBitBucket

Player Join Handler

Help avoid disruptions during matches.

By allejoGitHub

Relative BZDB Values

A BZFlag plugin to change BZDB settings based on the amount of non-observer players.

By allejoGitHub

Server Control

Fork of the original serverControl BZFlag plug-in with capabilities to reload more than just ban files.

By allejoGitHub

Swear Suppressor

Block offending messages entirely when the language filter is triggered and notify the player.

By L4m3r

VPN Blocker

Query VPN detection services to auto-kick players on VPNs.

By allejoGitHub


Plugins that don't really fit into another category.


Translation plugin that will convert regular chat to AOL 1337 speak.

By allejoGitHub

Geno Stats

Adds a command to the game that allows players to check on some simple statistics for Genocide flag usage.

By L4m3r

Map Change

Allows players to change the map.

By allejoGitHub

Score Restorer

Restores a player's score whenever they rejoin within a set amount of time.

By allejoGitHub

Staged Scene Generator

Allows setting up staged scenes with fixed tanks and shots. Useful for generating screenshots.

By blastGitHubBitBucket

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